Big changes in Bee Simulator!


Bee Simulator is growing in scale, adding new features and landing on PC & at least one console in spring 2019.

Over 2 million views of the Announcement Trailer. More than 10,000 comments and 6,000 shares that followed. Countless requests and questions about additional features. And, most importantly and overwhelmingly, growing expectations of players around the world.

What can you expect in the near future?

1. Adding two different gameplay modes to the game. An easy one, designed with kids in mind specifically, and a more challenging one prepared for adult gamers.
2. Adding a completely new combat system that adult gamers will enjoy.
3. Adding new opponents.
4. Redesigning the “bee dance”, so it was more in line with adult gamers’ expectations.
5. Allowing our bee to actually sting people. In the end you don’t always have to be a well-
BEEhaved bee.
6. Making bee races more complex, so they not only for children pose a challenge.
7. Adding additional maps, specifically for local split-screen mode.

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